Bunny ears selfies, rain, Turenne, travel blog
Bunny ears selfies and rain in Turenne. Photo: Mark Alexander

I ended up in Turenne because I was on an Instagram mission to photograph some of The Most Beautiful Villages in The Dordogne. It was the second stop on my list and I was excited to explore its castle… rain permitting.

Turenne is a medieval village, famous for its castle which sits on top of the cliff. The village is one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in France” and it’s not difficult to see why, the second you spot it.

typical street, Turenne, travel blog
A typical street in Turenne. Photo: Mark Alexander

Traditional Limousin stone houses are perched on the hill, leading towards a very imposing medieval castle. The stone they used to build these houses was, well stone-coloured not red, despite Turenne’s close proximity to Collonges-la-Rouge which is famous for its red sandstone buildings.

Is the rain going to prevent me from exploring Turenne Castle? Let’s go and find out.

My visit/Instagram mission to Turenne

An “establishing shot” of the village with its castle on top of the cliff, taken from a lay-by, marked the beginning of my visit to Turenne. I had to take that shot in case the rain prevented me from taking any other photographs.

The car park to the village was less than a minute away though: empty AND free! The streets were empty too which made Turenne look like a sleepy little village, compared to its neighbouring Collonges-la-Rouge. Sadly, I had no groups of Japanese tourists to photobomb. (Read the linked article below and it will all make sense 🙂 )

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Decided to “brave it” and leave my umbrella in the car as it wasn’t raining… just yet. Yup, of course it rained as soon as I turned the corner to climb up the hill which lead to The Mairie. The photograph was worth it though, don’t you think?

street view, Turenne, The Mairie, travel blog
A typical view in Turenne as seen down the street from The Mairie. Photo: Mark Alexander

A quick pit stop in the car to shelter from the rain and try out the new Instagram face filters. Who knew that taking selfies with bunny ears was such a fun way to pass the time? No, I’m not publishing a selfie wearing my bunny ears, thank you, but I sometimes do that on my Instagram stories (hint hint).

The other side of the village is worth the steep climb. There are cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops among the medieval stone houses which lead up to Turenne Castle.

The village square, Turenne, cafes, shops, hotels, travel blog
The village square in Turenne with cafes, shops and hotels. Photo: Mark Alexander

I suggest you put on your climbing boots and get to the top of the cliff. That’s where the best views are from and that’s where the castle is situated. There are two paths (well, streets really) leading to the top. One of them is a direct route through the village and the other takes you on a more gentle incline through the outskirts of the village.

I took neither of them because of the rain in Turenne.

A slight let-down but I was determined to get to that castle on my way back from Curemonte, which was the third stop on list of places on my Instagram mission. It wasn’t meant to be as the clouds were even more dramatic and threatening than earlier. Insert a sad face emoji here 🙁

If you need a visual for the location of Collonges-la-Rouge, here is a Google Map for you:

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