Lost trails

Champagne region itinerary for single travellers

A three-day solo road trip through the Champagne region of France


Reims, Etoges, Epernay, Troyes
95 miles / 152 km
1 chateau hotel
1 Michelin Plaque restaurant

Book the earliest ferry from Dover to Dunkerque and make sure you stop at Arras on your way down. Also, pay the extra for Premium Lounge access so that you can have your coffee and croissants on the upper deck, away from the main hustle and bustle, luxuriating in one of the big swirling armchairs looking out to the sea.

Words by Mark Alexander

A rendezvous which began in Dunkerque and saw me navigating a network of mildly insipid minor roads which lead to Reims – Champagne’s capital city. My first solo road trip Through France and the theme was Champagne & Chateaux. The timing coincided with the lead up to my 40th birthday and it was only proper to fit in as many experiences and places as I could handle on this three week adventure.

Symbolically, it was a way of moving forward with life after the death of my long-term partner. It was also the realisation of our last holiday which we planned together but never got the chance to enjoy. I knew that it was going to be a bitter-sweet experience which I was determined to endeavour in style. The fact that I hadn’t been on a holiday in the couple of years prior, justified the fine dining and boutique hotels along the way.

The understated elegance and country charm of the Champagne region require no effort on your part to fit in and rejoice.

I can’t wait to take you on this solo road trip and share my Champagne region itinerary but first – promise me not to drink and drive.

34 miles / 54 km

50 miles / 80 km

Day 1


Reims Cathedral

It was built in the style of Notre-Damme de Paris.

Carnegie Library

Fine example of Art Deco decor in France.


One of few independent champagne houses.

Le Chateau d'Etoges

Before the evening comes to a draw, make sure you are headed south in the direction of Etoges. Staying at this chateau is an experience best enjoyed in the first person but be warned: a night at Chateau d'Etoges is not enough.

34 miles / 54 km

50 miles / 80 km

Day 2

The Champagne Trail

Borel Lucas

Small independent Champagne house.

Moët & Chandon

An hour of pure champagne heaven.

Route Touristique

Discover your new favourite champagne.

Fine dining

After a day of exploring and tasting (but not drink-driving!) some of the finest champagne on offer, the only thing you can do is to finish off with a dinner at Le Chateau d'Etoges' Michelin Plaque restaurant at The Orangery.

34 miles / 54 km

50 miles / 80 km

Day 3


Charming scenery

Gothic & Renaissance in a Medieval setting.

Troyes cathedral

Best collection of stained glass windows in France.

Modern Art

Works by Picasso & Degas among others.

Troyes en Champagne

Wander through the narrow cobbled streets and alleyways of the old town admiring the rainbow of half-timbered houses and inner courtyards. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Grandes Champagne Fairs draped in a medley of colourful fabrics, bouquets of aromatic herbs and exotic spices.


Château des Milandes
Château de Marqueyssac
Château de Monbazillac