Felbrigg Hall – my first visit to a National Trust property this year


You don’t have to travel far to come across a beautiful place that’s worth your visit. Just keep your eyes open for one of those brown road signs indicating a tourist attraction. That’s exactly how I stumbled upon Felbrigg Hall on my recent trip to North Norfolk.

I was actually on my way to an emergency dental appointment in Holt, when I drove past Felbrigg Hall (link here). It wasn’t the sign but the two red-brick gate houses that intrigued me. I had to go back for a proper look the following day.

Felbrigg Hall itself is set way back from the main road, as these properties normally are. The drive up to it goes through a wooded area before it enters the open fields where lambs were enjoying the sun and grazing on the luscious grass. Yes, it was as idyllic as it sounds.

The car park is graveled with clearly divided parking areas. It is big enough to accommodate for busy days and Felbrigg is a National Trust property which means that members park free. Otherwise it’s “pay-and-display”, so make sure you have coins for the machines.

The walk to the ticket office is very pleasant and the ladies behind the desk are very helpful. I was a little put off by the fact that I had to pay for car parking and decided to join the National Trust. It was a straightforward process and I was soon a member.

The lady at the desk even gave a key to a locker where I left the welcome pack and the rest of the stuff that I had on me. After that, I was ready to explore my first National Trust property.

Felbrigg Hall – the main house tour

It doesn’t take long to go round the house itself but there are many artefacts to make your visit worthwhile. Keep an eye out for the figurine of a man on the wall in one of the bedrooms. I went in quite late in the hope to avoid most of the visitors. It worked and it felt like I had a private tour.

My favourite part of Felbrigg Hall

It has to be the walled garden. Even though the flowers weren’t in bloom and there were quite a few patches of bare ground, I liked it best and I spent a long time wandering around. I had the whole place to myself and was able to take my time, and appreciate its features.

Felbrigg Hall – is it worth a visit?

If you are in the area, I would recommend a visit to Felbrigg Hall. I’d like to go back myself and revisit the gardens when they are at their best. I also like to do some of the walks throughout the grounds. I didn’t have time to go to the church which is situated in the grounds, so that’s on my list of things to do too.

felbrigg hall, cafe, dining, national trust, marc le penn
Felbrigg Hall – my first visit to a National Trust property this year (2017). Photo: Mark Alexander

PS: My dental appointment went well, thank you. The dentist put in a temporary filling and I was able to have a light lunch at Byfords, a very pleasant café/bakery in Holt (link here). I even managed to visit a friend in town and have afternoon tea with him.



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