Road Trip Diary Day 8: Revisiting old places and creating new memories

road trip, travel diary, revisiting old places, creating new memories, travel blog
Today is the day I go back to the gîte we used to rent for our summer holidays. To say that I am apprehensive about it, would be the understatement of the century. I really don’t know what to expect. I don’t even know if I am going to feel anything at all. I did consider extending my stay at...

Driving off the edge of a cliff at Rocamadour

Driving off, edge of a cliff, Rocamadour, france, travel blog
An updated travel guide to Rocamadour in France, based on my recent visit there, complete with tips and beautiful photographs to inspire you and help you plan your visit.

Road Trip Diary Day 7: A rainy day in Brantôme

rainy day, bran tome, rain, luxury hotel, travel blog
It’s a rainy day in Brantôme today and I shall use that as an excuse to stay in my hotel room writing and planning next week’s adventures whilst I binge on room service.

The best view in France is at Domme

visitor's guide to Domme, The Dordogne, France, travel blog
Let me take you to one of France's best bastide towns - Domme, and show you the best view looking over The Dordogne river and the valley.

Bunny ears selfies and rain in Turenne

Bunny ears selfies, rain, Turenne, travel blog
My Instagram mission to photograph some of The Most Beautiful Villages in The Dordogne took me to Turenne, a medieval village famous for its castle which sits on top of the cliff.

Le Moulin de l’Abbaye in Brantôme, France – an honest hotel review

Le Moulin de l'Abbaye, Brantôme, France, hotel review, travel blog
Read this before you book a stay at a French watermill with its own Michelin Star restaurant. An honest review of my stay at Le Moulin de l'Abbaye Brantome.

Road Trip Diary Day 10: Driving off the edge of a cliff, trying to get to Rocamadour

Travel Diary, Day 10, Driving off the edge of a cliff, Rocamadour, travel blog
It all started when I decided that I knew better than the SatNav and the warning signs. I was convinced that there was a car park right next to the entrance of Rocamadour. Not the one on the side of the main road that was full but another one. So I kept driving until I reached the river level...

Top 3 châteaux in the Loire Valley you should visit

top 3 chateaux in the loire valley, travel blog, top 3
The Loire Valley in France is famous for being the valley of the thousand chateaux but not everyone has the time (and can afford) to visit all of them. here is a list of the The Top 3 châteaux in the Loire Valley you should visit.

Le Manoir Saint Thomas in Amboise (Loire Valley, France) – an honest hotel review

Le Manoir Saint Thomas, Amboise, Loire Valley, France, hotel review, travel blog
The perfect hotel to explore the Loire Valley and its thousand chateaux. An honest review of my stay at Le Manoir Saint Thomas as a paying guest.

Road Trip Day 1: Panic attack at a Michelin star restaurant in a French château

road trip through france, dover dunkirk champagne, marc le penn, me my grief and i, chateau d'etoges
Today is going to be a long and challenging day, involving a lot of driving and quite possibly - a lot of crying en route too. I am taking on a huge project, all on my own and the thought of it scares me. It's all for a good reason though and I hope that by keeping this road...