Road Trip Diary Day 10: Driving off the edge of a cliff, trying to get to Rocamadour

Travel Diary, Day 10, Driving off the edge of a cliff, Rocamadour, travel blog
It all started when I decided that I knew better than the SatNav and the warning signs. I was convinced that there was a car park right next to the entrance of Rocamadour. Not the one on the side of the main road that was full but another one. So I kept driving until I reached the river level...

Road Trip Diary Day 11: Food challenge and eating with the locals on my way to Sarlat

food challenge, eating with locals, the dordogne, sarlat, travel blog
Another slow start to the day today. I was on a mission to go back and visit a village, my partner and I used to go to for baguettes and pastries. I couldn’t remember its name and I ended up in a completely different place. At least I still managed to go in the boulangerie, even though it was almost...

Road Trip Diary Day 9: The best of the best places to visit in The Dordogne

road trip, travel diary, best place to visit in the dordogne, sarlat, dome, travel blog
The plan for today was to visit Rocamadour but then I decided to include Sarlat and Domme to make the most of my journey. These three towns are the best of the best places to visit in The Dordogne. Fact! Let’s go and see how today is going to pan out. I hope that the SatNav behaves itself and...

She refused to serve me and asked me to leave the restaurant at Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

refused service, restaurant, saint-cirq-lapopie, saint cirq lapopie, travel blog
An updated travel guide to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in The Lot Valley, France based on my recent visit there, complete with tips and beautiful photographs to inspire you and help you plan your visit.

Road Trip Day 1: Panic attack at a Michelin star restaurant in a French château

road trip through france, dover dunkirk champagne, chateau d'etoges
Today is going to be a long and challenging day, involving a lot of driving and quite possibly - a lot of crying en route too. I am taking on a huge project, all on my own and the thought of it scares me. It's all for a good reason though and I hope that by keeping this road...

Sarlat is not the place I thought it was

First-time visitor to Sarlat, guide, the dordogne, france, travel blog
It turns out that Sarlat is a place I have never visited before. So, here's my first-time visitor to Sarlat guide plus tips and advice, based on my recent visit. Read, plan and go to Sarlat! It's too beautiful to miss.

Living it large at Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley in France

visit to Château de Chambord, Loire Valley, France
An updated travel guide to help you plan your visit to Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley in France, complete with tips and beautiful photographs.

Le Moulin de l’Abbaye in Brantôme, France – an honest hotel review

Le Moulin de l'Abbaye, Brantôme, France, hotel review, travel blog
Read this before you book a stay at a French watermill with its own Michelin Star restaurant. An honest review of my stay at Le Moulin de l'Abbaye Brantome.

A road trip through France – the itinerary

travelling as grief therapy, road trip, france, chateau etoges, french chateau
It took me just over three years to get here. I vowed to do that when my partner died - to go on a road trip through France. The original plan was to drive to France and spend a week in each of the French regions. Quite ambitious given that there are 13 of them! It didn't put me...

Road Trip Diary Day 4: Chasing chateaux in the Loire Valley

Travel Diary, Chasing chateaux, Loire Valley, France, travel blog
Day 4 of my road trip through France when I went chasing chateaux in the Loire Valley. I stained my trousers with raspberry coulis at Chateau de Cheverny and got caught in the rain at Chateau de Chenonceau.