Road Trip Diary Day 10: Driving off the edge of a cliff, trying to get to Rocamadour

Travel Diary, Day 10, Driving off the edge of a cliff, Rocamadour, travel blog
It all started when I decided that I knew better than the SatNav and the warning signs. I was convinced that there was a car park right next to the entrance of Rocamadour. Not the one on the side of the main road that was full but another one. So I kept driving until I reached the river level...

Bunny ears selfies and rain in Turenne

Bunny ears selfies, rain, Turenne, travel blog
My Instagram mission to photograph some of The Most Beautiful Villages in The Dordogne took me to Turenne, a medieval village famous for its castle which sits on top of the cliff.

Queueing up for days at Claude Monet’s house and gardens in Giverny

claude monet house and gardens, giverny, france, travel blog
An updated travel guide to Claud Monet's house and gardens in Giverny, France based on my recent visit, complete with tips and beautiful photographs to inspire you and help you plan your visit.

Road Trip Diary Day 5: Crying my eyes out, wishing I was with my partner

Travel Diary, Day 5, Crying my eyes out, travel blog
Today is going to be an uneventful day because I am leaving Amboise and driving to Brantôme for the next leg of my road trip through France. I have nearly 180 miles of mostly D-roads ahead and according to the SatNav it should take me about four hours to get there. Time to pack and take a few photographs for...

Road Trip Diary Day 7: A rainy day in Brantôme

rainy day, bran tome, rain, luxury hotel, travel blog
It’s a rainy day in Brantôme today and I shall use that as an excuse to stay in my hotel room writing and planning next week’s adventures whilst I binge on room service.

SatNav failure at Curemonte

SatNav failure, Curemonte, instagram fail, travel blog
My Instagram mission to photograph some of the most beautiful villages in The Dordognes ended with a SatNav failure in Curemonte.

Photobombing a group of Japanese tourists in Collonges-la-Rouge

Photobombing, Japanese tourists, Collonges-la-Rouge, travel blog
Having fun photobombing a group of Japanese tourists in Collonges-la-Rouge, aka The Red Village on my Instagram mission to photograph some of the prettiest villages in The Dordogne.

Le Château d’Etoges in Champagne, France – an honest hotel review

Le Château d'Etoges, Champagne, France, luxury hotel, castle hotel, palace hotel
Read this if you wonder what it's like to stay as a guest at a "proper" French Château. An honest review of my stay at Château d'Etoges as a paying guest.

Facing my fear of heights at Château de Marqueyssac aka The Belvedere of The Dordogne

fear of heights, Château de Marqueyssac, The Belvedere of The Dordogne, travel blog
An updated travel guide to help you plan your visit to Château de Marqueyssac and Les Jardins de Marqueyssac, complete with tips and beautiful photographs.

The best view in France is at Domme

visitor's guide to Domme, The Dordogne, France, travel blog
Let me take you to one of France's best bastide towns - Domme, and show you the best view looking over The Dordogne river and the valley.