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Grief lifestyle blog, grief news, grief quotes and other updates. Photo: @marclepenn

If you look up towards the top of this page, you will read “Lost Peony – grief lifestyle blog”. This is quite a statement and it deserves an explanation, so here goes:

Grief lifestyle blog

Lost Peony is a live creation and, as it grows, it changes its content, tone and format. The logo is different too but the biggest change is the line under it which reads “grief lifestyle blog”.

What that really means is that Lost Peony is a place where you can read articles about grief, the different ways in which it affects us, how to deal with it and use that information to eventually become confident enough to move on with the rest of your life.

Grief is a way of living and a lifestyle. It’s full of sorrow and sadness. It’s lonely, teary and antisocial. It is rude and short-tempered at times but it’s also an education, appreciation and motivation to treasure what we have and who we have left.

That’s why Lost Peony is a grief lifestyle blog. Turn to it in moments of sadness, follow it on social media and reach out when you feel lonely.

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Grief news

Grief has been in the headlines across the UK, ever since Prince Harry appeared in Bryony Gordon’s Mad World podcast (link here). By talking about his feelings and his way of dealing with the death of his mother, the young Royal showed all of us that there is no shame in talking about grief and mental health.

This, of course, is not very British but the Prince has opened the discussion and is already changing people’s attitudes towards these very important issues which affect more and more of us each day.

If you are ready to talk about your grief and feelings regarding your loss, please refer to yesterday’s article about the five places where you can talk about grief without feeling judged.

Grief quotes

Those of you who follow Lost Peony on social media, already know that the second edition of Me, my grief and I is out and it contains a new section about the third year of my grief journey. That was when things changed for the better. It inspired me to start collecting grief quotes and share them with you on social media.

You can find regular posts on Instagram (username is @memygriefandi) and a board with well over 100 grief quotes on Pinterest (username – @lostpeony).


Talking about the book and social media, you know that I wrote it under a pen name because my real name was already taken by various artists and other public figures. This is something I didn’t check when I published the first edition.

My pen name is Marc le Penn and I am on all social media networks as @marclepenn I am particularly keen and excited to be on Instagram and use it to share bits of my private life with you. This has been on my agenda for quite some time but I never felt confident to do it.

There is a personal reason for it too which is to do with the fact that there are only half a dozen photographs of my partner and I as a couple. We created the memories and we lived with them but I have no photographs to refer to now.

If you find it difficult to be positive and optimistic about the future, I encourage you to open an Instagram account. You can make it private if you don’t want to broadcast your life to the public. Challenge yourself to post one photograph per day. Share anything you want to remember and things that make you happy. It sounds like a silly idea but if you commit to it, I promise that it will change your attitude towards life.

Remember that you can always reach out to me and talk. I started this “grief lifestyle blog” because I wanted to create a place where people can read and talk about grief instead of doing the British stiff upper lip thing.


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