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How exercising changes your life for the better. Photo: Mark Alexander @lostpeony

If you follow Lost Peony, then you’d know that exercising and keeping fit is a big part of my life. I am not obsessed with it but I like the positive effect it has on my body and mind. Here is how exercising changes your life for the better:

Makes you healthier

You don’t have to become or look like a hardcore bodybuilder in order to feel the health benefits of regular exercise. Going for a run, a bicycle ride or a long walk are all good ways to get your heart going and improve the health of your cardiovascular system.

Lifting weights or doing body weight exercises at home will increase your strength and improve the conditioning of your body. Push ups, sit ups and squats are all good exercises that you could do at home.

Makes you happier

Exercising does make you happier. I am the living proof of that. When you exercise, your brain and your nervous system release endorphins which are hormones that give you the feeling of euphoria. In other words, exercising is a bit like a healthy high 🙂

I was at my lowest point when I started to go to the gym. It was a few months after the death of my partner and I was an emotional wreck. I used to do regular cardio and light weights as I was too weak to do anything else.

Walking on the treadmill and looking out to the golf course (my gym was above the Club House) made me feel like I was going places. It helped me detach myself from my grief and the negative emotions that came with it.

Makes you more confident

It takes a while before you become more confident. It’s more of a side effect which becomes apparent as a result of the positive changes in your body. At least in my experience. The more I exercise, the better my body looks and the more I like it. That makes me feel good about myself and I don’t worry about what others think of me.

The bottom line is that I like myself. I am happy with myself. That’s the message I send out to everyone and I guess that’s the origin of my confidence.

Gives you a purpose

Going to the gym is part of my weekly routine. I like to go at least three, four times a week. Most of the time I do cardio and lift some weights. Sometimes I just go there to use the sauna and the steam room. It is my way of pampering myself and I love it.

People treat you better

I have noticed that people treat me differently. They seem to notice me and listen to what I have to say. I am the happiest, the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. People must notice it and that’s why, I think, they have more time for me.

I feel in charge of my life. I know what I want and I am working to achieve my goals. Going to the gym and working out for almost two years, has given me the discipline to get on with my life and realise my ambitions.

The positive changes in my body and mind are proof that I can do and achieve anything I want. That’s my motivation and drive for the future!


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