Me my grief and I, grief memoir, Marc le Penn
Me, my grief and I - a grief memoir by Marc le Penn. Photo: @marclepenn

I have just passed another milestone on my grief journey – the third anniversary of my partner’s death. I took flowers to the grave and I stood there for quite a while, remembering the wonderful time we had together. Of course I was a bit misty-eyed but it was different than the previous two anniversaries.

In fact, the whole of the third year was different. It was positive and I made most of my progress in that year. I feel like a completely different man – a stronger, more determined version of me. So different, in fact, that reading the first edition of Me, my grief and I, seems like the events in it took place in a past life.

That’s why I decided to write a new section about my progress and publish a second edition of the book. This edition represents a full circle of my journey. It shows you the light at the end of the tunnel and how to get there. It’s inspiring and motivating.

About Me, my grief and I

Me, my grief and I is a frank and honest grief memoir, where I take you on my three-year journey through life in the aftermath of losing my long-term partner. I share my struggles with loneliness and identity as I go through the different stages of grief, anniversaries and other milestones on my way to building a new life.

Inspiring and motivating, Me, my grief and I is the story of a broken man who uses grief to turn his life around and propel himself into a happy future.

Who is this book for?

Me, my grief and I is for you and anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. The chapters in the book describe my particular dealings but they raise many of the common issues that most of those in a similar situation are likely to encounter on their own grief journey.

How to use the book

The content of the book is divided into sections, broken down into chapters which deal with individual issues. It’s up to you if you like to read the book in one go or read separate sections, depending on how far you are on your own grief journey.

I urge you to have a box of tissues on standby as some of the chapters are likely to leave you misty-eyed. I have spared no detail in the recollection of my feelings and emotions during these tough times.

Why Marc le Penn?

I chose to author this second edition of Me, my grief and I under a nom de plum purely for marketing reasons. It turns out that my real name is not unique which makes it confusing for readers to know who is who.

There weren’t any other authors called Marc le Penn when I checked, so I went for it.

A message from Marc le Penn:

“Don’t put a time-limit on your grieving process! Very early on in my grieving, someone told me that it would take six months to recover from my loss and to move on with my life. I kept looking forward to it and when the sixth month came – nothing happened. I was in the same state as I was before and I felt disappointed in myself for not making any progress.

“It took me three years to move forward and resume living after the death of my partner. This book documents those three years in great detail, complete with all of the challenges I faced on my way and the steps I took to overcome them.

“I hope that you find comfort reading about my journey and I hope that Me, my grief and I motivates you to keep going and making progress of your own, however small it may seem at the time.”

Both, the paperback (£7.99) and the eBook (£3.99) version of Me, my grief and I are available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, iBooks and kobo.


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