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Living in a French château with vineyards in Champagne. Photo: Mark Alexander

Today has all the makings of a slow and uneventful one. Time for me to recover from the long drive and yesterday’s panic attack. The plan is to spend the morning in my hotel room, writing and having coffee, then go out in the car to explore the area.

I am going to have my coffee and do my work in bed, even though it is Monday and the first day of my holiday. Do I feel like I’m wasting the day? No, I don’t. It’s a king size bed which looks out to the château’s moat and one of the lawns. The ducks are swimming in the water, a groundsman is cutting the grass, the sun is shining and it is as idyllic as it sounds. I can’t help but daydream about living in this château.

If you happen to be a château owner, please message me. I will gladly cut the grass for you 🙂

Back in the real world and I am setting off in my car to explore Champagne! Is it all vineyards and champagne in Champagne? Let’s go and find out.

Exploring Champagne and its world famous vineyards

What a drive! I must have done close to 100 miles just driving around admiring the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, stopping at every opportunity to get out of the car and breath in the fresh Champagne air.

Imagine hills and valleys, and miles of perfectly straight rows of vines. All under the blue sky with luscious greenery and splashes of yellow in the rapeseed fields. I am no stranger to France and vineyards but these are spectacular. It’s not difficult to see why this is the home of the world’s finest and most famous bubbly.

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If you appreciate beautiful landscapes and enjoy driving, I suggest you look out for the “Route Touristique du Champagne” signs. You can’t miss them and you are bound to come across one of them on your drive through Champagne anyway. When you do, head in the direction they point.

Watch the video below or read this article for more information.

That drive reminded me why I love France so much. It brought up memories from previous visits but it also created a new memory. One which marks the beginning of my road trip through France and travelling on my own.

A day ago, I was drinking champagne with my friend in Kent and now I am in the heart of the very place where it came from – just a short drive from Moët & Chandon’s vineyards. I’m not going to lie, it feels good and I am very happy with life right now.

That’s enough to make my day worthwhile. I need to leave this hotel in the morning and head down to the Loire Valley. I have a list of châteaux I want to visit but I have no plans set in stone. I don’t even have a hotel booked. 

My strategy is to book hotels as I go so that I have the freedom to move around and not worry about being stuck in one place because the hotel is there. A risky strategy but the whole point of this road trip is to get out of my comfort zone and have the best holiday on my own.


  1. I will be visiting Champagne and Loire Valley in December. I would appreciate anything you have for me. My friend and I we wanna live in a Chateau. Any recommendations?!


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