al fresco lunch, sarlat, foie gras, goats cheese, duck, salad, travel blog
Al fresco lunch on my way way to Sarlat. Photo: @marclepenn

Another slow start to the day today. I was on a mission to go back and visit a village, my partner and I used to go to for baguettes and pastries. I couldn’t remember its name and I ended up in a completely different place.

At least I still managed to go in the boulangerie, even though it was almost lunch time. There were no pastries left but I had a Franglais conversation with the lady there. We had a nice chat and it made me feel good. She suggested the village next door as the possible village I was trying to find. It was only 4km away but it wasn’t it.

Perhaps I should get an actual map and try to locate it that way?* I know the vague area that it’s in, and its name is bound to jump out.

After that mission (failure), I headed in the direction of Sarlat again. I stopped at a small town where my partner and I used to stop at and had a walk. It was lunch time by then, so everyone was, well, at lunch. The weather was lovely so I decided to stop and have a bite to eat outside on the square with the rest of the people.

MORE: Sarlat is not the place I thought it was

The menu was in French (obviously it was as it was a local restaurant) and I decided to go for the only dish that contained all of the local delicacies on one plate. Literally! That’s when I point out to you that I am not keen on duck, liver and goat’s cheese. Of course this plate had all three of them plus salad and fried bacon lardons. It also had two microscopic pieces of toast and a medallion of foie gras, which I like.

Ordering it and forcing myself to eat it or at least try, was my challenge for the day. To cut a long story short, it tasted better than it looked. I had almost everything apart from the fried liver bits which were too rare for me. I did have quite a few though and happy to report that I survived it. The duck was delicious!

al fresco lunch, sarlat, foie gras, goats cheese, duck, salad, travel blog
Al fresco lunch on my way way to Sarlat. Photo: Mark Alexander

My challenge for you today is to eat something you don’t like or not sure about, or for whatever reason, never order and/or cook. Try it. You could either cook it yourself or order it in a restaurant – the choice is yours, as long as you do it sooner rather than later/never. It’s not going to make you ill and, unless you are attempting to slice and eat raw puffer fish, I’m positive that it won’t harm you unless you are allergic to your choice, in which case you wouldn’t have chosen it anyway, so ignore this paragraph altogether.

To get you started, I’d like you to leave a comment with the food you dislike and never eat. Mine used to be lamb until the day before I set off on this road trip through France. A friend of mine very kindly invited me to spend the day/night at his place instead of booking a hotel on my way to the ferry. He cooked lamb shanks for lunch, not knowing that I don’t eat it. I was very apprehensive trying it but it was delicious and I will definitely have it again. Definitely! I am not even sure why I never had it and always made a point not having lamb and letting people know about it if they invited me for supper. Yes, I do feel silly about it now 🙂

* I am just as useless as reading maps as I was back on our first holiday. You may recall that from the first chapter of my book.


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