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A rainy day in Brantôme. Photo: Mark Alexander

I have been on the road, exploring France by car for a week now and I am enjoying every single minute of my adventure. Even the setbacks, which were far, far less than expected. It’s such an amazing experience and I can’t wait for the rest of it. Before that though, I need to sit down and plan the second week of my road trip to France.

It’s a rainy day in Brantôme today and I shall use that as an excuse to stay in my hotel room writing and planning next week’s adventures whilst I binge on room service. First things first – breakfast and coffee in bed as I watch some silly French DIY shows on TV. My favourite kind of rainy day 🙂

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Even though you can’t see it, I owe it to my conscious to justify ordering everything from the breakfast menu (and I mean everything) together with a double espresso and a big pot of black coffee. That breakfast tray which is almost as big as the coffee table and full of carbs is also going to be my lunch. Come to think of it, it’s brunch – duh!

The novelty of watching TV in bed has worn off and I have opened the windows to listen to the river and the sound of the rain. It’s quite mild and there’s no wind to direct the rain into my room. Idyllic and very calming.

Give me tranquility, peace and quiet and I can write you another book in no time. It’s early afternoon and I have two hotel reviews and all of my Road Trip Diary up to date and ready for the website. Time to reward my hard work and burn off some of the calories from my brunch with a walk around town.

I was out with my camera for nearly two hours and I hardly saw another person. It felt surreal given the fact that Brantôme is a pretty place and very popular with tourists. It’s also known as the Venice of France due to the river which flows through town. Anyway, I am happy with today and with my progress so far.

Today is my last full day in Brantôme. I need to check out of this amazing place and go on to the next leg of my road trip – Bergerac. Well, technically the hotel I booked is a couple of miles out of Bergerac.

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This is actually the reason for this whole road trip. I wanted to go back to the place where we used to spend our summer holidays. It was a special place for us both and I associate it with happiness. We were both very settled and happy here.

Let’s hope that going back on my own is not going to change that. The lady who owns the gîte we used to rent agreed to meet me. She has become a friend and I look forward to seeing her. So let’s hope that I don’t get too upset and spoil our meeting.

Whatever happens though, I am definitely going to create a new memory tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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