Road Trip Diary Day 9: The best of the best places to visit in The Dordogne

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Road Trip Diary Day 9: The best of the best places to visit in The Dordogne. Photo: Mark Alexander

The plan for today was to visit Rocamadour but then I decided to include Sarlat and Domme to make the most of my journey. These three towns are the best of the best places to visit in The Dordogne. Fact! Let’s go and see how today is going to pan out. I hope that the SatNav behaves itself and sticks to the main roads!

Spoiler alert: Don’t be surprised if my plan changed to include another destination.

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I left the hotel at 9.30am but wasted quite a bit of time trying to fill the tank. Neither of the petrol stations had diesel but fortunately the tank was half full. Then I thought:

”Oh, why don’t I get the car through one of those automated car washes?”

It seemed like a good idea at the time but the ending was the same as that of my fuel failure. Tried a couple of the automated car washing machines but neither worked. FYI: they seem more expensive than the car washes in England!

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Anyway, despite the slow and disappointing start to the day, I was determined to make it to Sarlat and Domme. It was actually Domme that I was eager to visit. My partner and I used to go there for days out on our own or with friends. Lovely place and well worth a visit.

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The reason I was so determined to visit it this time was to do with the fact that a few weeks after my nephew died (he had a rare form of Leukemia and despite his three-year battle with it, he didn’t make it), we came back there for a holiday to “cheer” me up a bit. We used to light a candle for my nephew in the church.

This time, I lit a candle for my nephew and another for my partner – blue and red ones. That was difficult and I shed a few tears.

Opposite the church is an artisan Gelateria. It’s been there for as long as I remember but it was closed the last time we were here. It was open today and I had to have the pistachio and raspberry double. I went up to the viewing point where we used to look out onto the valley and daydream about moving to France (I think everyone does that on holiday). This time, I was having a conversation with my partner about the times we went to Domme 🙁

That’s when I had one of those “moments”. I said to myself: I want to do that for a living and for as long as I can – travel to places, take pictures, then write about it and share my experience with you.

Quite a few years back, I had the same “moment” on top of the Swiss Alps. That’s when I wanted to become a journalist. We were on a European road trip at the time and on our return to the UK, I went back to university to study Journalism. Then I went to work for a magazine in Bangkok.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I went back home, packed up and then came back on a year-long road trip through France?

Back to today: On my way to the car, I remembered that Château des Milandes is very near. Instead of driving for another hour and a bit to Rocamadour, I decided to visit Milandes again.

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I did make it to Rocamadour but more about that in my next road trip diary. Until then, here’s a Google Map of today’s journey:



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