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SatNav failure at Curemonte. Photo: Mark Alexander

Curemonte was the third and final stop on my one-day Instagram mission to photograph some of the most beautiful villages in The Dordognes. A pretty medieval village situated on top of a ridge, famous for its three castles, the Romanesque church and the early19th century corn exchange.

In many ways, it’s the perfect location because all sites are concentrated in a relatively small and easy to cover area. All I needed to do was get there, park my car and explore.

Normally I just set the destination in my SatNav as the village centre to give myself the freedom to drive through the place and get familiar with it first. That’s usually good enough.

The SatNav took me to Curemonte without a fail. Before I entered into the village, I saw a turning to the right which was opposite the ridge on top of which are the three castles and a few other buildings. I decided to take that turning and stop somewhere conveniently to photograph the castles.

This seems to be the location where most of Curemonte’s photographs are taken anyway. I stopped further down, took my photographs and headed back to the main road, excited to see the rest of Curemonte.

My excitement was short-lived. The SatNav took me past, what seemed to be the main entrance to the village and down the hill on a little windy narrow road. Then it began to ask me to “Do a U-turn”. When I reached the bottom of the road it took me right and away from the village.

It was quite late and I had well over two hours drive back to my hotel at Brantôme. I decided to save myself the frustration of following the SatNav and its habit of taking me on dirt tracks to my destination.

So my visit to Curemonte was short but definitely not sweet. A big Instagram fail and a disappointing end to my day! On the plus side, I managed to take the photograph that everyone else has taken. Perhaps SatNavs are to blame for the lack of more diverse photos of Curemonte?

If you need a visual for the location of Curemonte, here is a Google Map for you:

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