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Grief lifestyle blog featuring self-improvement and self-development challenges to help you resume life after the death of a loved one.

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Healthy habits challenge

I am happy to report that my health is quite good. I rarely have the need to go to the doctor and when I do, it’s mostly for check ups. Even though I take my health for granted, I try to be sensible with my lifestyle choices and maintain some healthy habits.
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Elaborate on your blessings challenge

It is a shame that it takes a life-changing event for us to realise where our real wealth lies. In my case, that wake-up call was the sudden death of my partner. I am a different man because of it and now I look at life with a completely different pair of eyes.
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How to find your happiness – challenge

Being happy is similar to riding a bike - you need to practice it until it becomes second nature to you. In this article I will show you how to find your happiness again.
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Set and achieve one goal challenge

In this article, I'd like to show you how to set a realistic goal and then I'd like to challenge you (and show you how) to achieve that goal.
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How to be more productive and the “Productivity challenge”

Sometimes, all it takes to be more productive is a new work “ritual”, tidy workspace and a healthy dose of discipline. Follow my steps to be more productive.
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Don’t buy anything new for a month

Don't buy anything new for a month sounds impossible and it may be. The point is to make you think about what it is that really makes you happy.
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Be grateful and count your blessings

You don't need a special set of skills to be grateful. All you need is to pay attention to the good that happens to you and write it down. Here are some tips on how to be grateful:
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The importance of celebrating small successes

We go through a lot of changes and challenges after the loss of a loved one. We struggle, we fight, we keep going. We achieve much more than we think and that's why we need to take a moment and celebrate the small successes. See how and take the "Celebrating small successes challenge".
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