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Travel Diary Day 6 - My first “proper” Instagram mission to The Dordogne. Photo: Mark Alexander

Even though I still feel slightly unsettled and somehow overwhelmed to be in this place on my own, I slept like a baby. Staying at this hotel is just like eating at its Michelin star restaurant – amazing! Large room, comfortable bed with fluffy pillows and everything else I need for a great stay. I shall watch TV in bed and order room service breakfast with plenty of fresh coffee before I head out on my first “proper” Instagram mission (@lostpeony).

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Instagram mission to The Dordogne

I am not into social media but you already know that. It’s probably an age thing but I need to change it. Out of all social networks, Instagram looks like the most suitable one for me, so I decided to give it a go.

Anyway, I am going to visit and photograph three of The Most Beautiful Villages of France: Turenne, Colognes-la-Rouge and Curemonte. It’s more than 160 miles return journey but I am excited about it because I haven’t been in that part of The Dordogne before. You can catch up with my visit to each village by following these links:

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Photobombing Japanese tourists

I need to devote this paragraph to the beginnings of my professional photobombing career 🙂 It is without a doubt the highlight of my trip so far. Normally that’s quite out of character for me but it just shows you how happy and confident I am. I shall certainly remember this day for a very long time.

SatNav failure

My SatNav seems to have a mind of its own. It sends me round the bend quite literary and quite often for no apparent reason. This time, instead of taking me to Curemonte, it decided to take me on a road that took me away from the village. Then when I was about to join the main road at the bottom of the hill, it wanted me to “make a U-turn”. I didn’t and a few metres later, it wanted me to turn right off the main road and onto somebody’s driveway!

I have a feeling that this is not the last time, you will read about my SatNav failures!

It was getting late and I had quite a long drive back to the hotel, so I decided to stop at a supermarket on the way back and pick up a sandwich and salad for my supper. I also picked a couple of cans of Heineken (€1.60 for two cans from the fridge) and some Pringles to smuggle into my room. That should teach them for charging €5.50 per can of the same beer from the minibar!

Before I went to bed, I remembered my dream from last night:

A friend of mine whom I’ve not seen since the death of my partner, came to talk to me. She was asking after my mother. Just so you know, they have never met and they don’t know anything about one another.

I told her that my mother might have died, to which she said: What do you mean: might have?

At that moment, my mother walked past! We both did a double take, looked at one another and said nothing. Then I woke up.

I leave you with a Google map of today’s drive:


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